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After graduating from Vanderbilt University in 2020, I began my professional career at a digital advertising agency specializing in social media and brand partnerships.


Lucky for me, I was working from my New York City apartment and surrounded by people who encouraged me to pursue my passions (aka cooking). This meant that on top of my job, I was able to attend night-time culinary school for 13 months. Upon receiving my culinary degree, I looked to pursue a career that combined my professional experience in social media with my passion for food and the culinary industry. 

In 2023, I became the social media manager and content creator for a resturant group called The Better Guys. Aside from my new 9-to-5, I began photographing for restaurants and kitchens throughout the city, leading me to create Shot by Megan Lynn. 

Through this digital space, I am able to create beautiful content for brands while using my expertise in advertising to ensure my work benefits, transcends and elevates the companies I partner with.


Vanderbilt University | Nashville, TN

Institute of Culinary Education | New York, NY

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